Kindle Highlight Extractor

This tool allows you to easily extract and export your Kindle highlights as a CSV file.

Simply drop your My Clippings.txt file here

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Kindle Higlight Extractor work?

The Kindle Highlight extractor works by extracting all your kindle book highlights from the My Clippings.txt and then generates a CSV for you to download. It works equally well for Amazon ebooks or other ebooks which you have on your kindle device.

How to export kindle highlights?

If you want to export your kindle highlights, you need to first attach your kindle via USB to your laptop or PC. Then find the My Clippings.txt and simply drag it to the Kindle Highlight Extractor. It will export your kindle highlights as a CSV.

How do I find the Kindle My Clippings.txt?

Simply plugin your Kindle to a laptop or PC via USB and open it up. You will find a My Clippings.txt in it. Then drag the file to the Kindle Highlight Extractor and it will export all your Book Highlights as a CSV file.

Which Kindle e-book readers are supported by Kindle Highlight Extractor?

All kindle e-book readers such as Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, Kindle Touch, Kindle Voyage and even the Kindle 1st Generation are supported. You just need a My Clippings.txt and simply drag it to the Kindle Highlight Extractor. It will export your kindle highlights as a CSV.

Do you save the Kindle My Clippings.txt file or Highlights on server?

No, We respect your privacy and no data of any sorts is saved to the Kindle Highlight Extractor. Once you export your highlghts as a CSV, the user has the only copy.

What information is included in the exported CSV file?

The exported CSV includes the Kindle book title, highlight location, and the text of the book highlight.This can be useful for creating a personal database of book quotes or sharing kindle book highlights with friends and colleagues.

How can I share my exported kindle highlights with others?

Once you've exported your highlights as a CSV from Kindle Highlight extractor, you can open it directly in Google Sheets and share with others. Or you can send them the exported CSV file directly so that they can see your Kindle Book Highlights.

Can I export highlights from PDFs or other ebook formats?

Currently, Highlight Extractor only supports exporting highlights from Kindle books. I am working to add support for other ebook formats in the future.

Can i export my kindle highlights to notion?

At the moment, the Kindle Highlight extractor only allows export to a CSV file. In future, I am working on adding support to export kindle highlights to notion, obsidian, evernote.

Does this work for kindle books which are not bought from Amazon store?

Highlight extractor works with any sort of books.Even if your book is not from the Amazon kindle store. You just need a `My Clippings.txt` and it will easily extract their Kindle highlights and export them as a CSV file.